Director of Product Design

I am leading and managing a team of designers at Salesforce in solving problems and designing solutions for the enterprise. I have spent over 9 years in User Experience Design, and am passionate about making people’s lives better through design.


I have worked across a wide variety of companies and industries:

Small Team Within Salesforce
2015 – Present
Director of Product Design

RelateIQ Logo

Startup (Acquired by Salesforce)
2013 – 2015
Lead UX Designer

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Interactive Marketing Agency
2009 – 2013
Senior UX Strategist

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Large Financial Company
2007 – 2009
Information Architect

Design Direction

My role revolves around several key responsibilities to lead our company’s design initiatives.

  • Understanding our customer and championing their needs in product planning and decision making
  • Connecting with business leaders and understanding how our business strategy impacts our design efforts
  • Evaluating the impact changes have across the entire experience, and identifying areas of overlap across projects
  • Ensuring cross-team collaboration and facilitating a creative partnership throughout the organization
  • Framing problems and questions in new ways to encourage creative thinking
  • Evolving and refining our product’s design language
  • Creating and instilling design team principles to guide team collaboration
  • Providing thought leadership through regular blog posts and knowledge sharing

Leadership and Management

I am focused on efforts to lead our design team’s growth and development:

  • Hiring, motivating, and retaining design talent on our team
  • Prioritizing and resourcing design efforts and balancing roadmap development with product iteration
  • Leading through questions, as opposed to giving answers
  • Optimizing designer velocity and skills by providing mentoring, training, and other learning opportunities
  • Guiding, coaching, supporting, and challenging my team to do their best work
  • Fostering both a comfortable and intense design environment to facilitate growth
  • Helping the team learn from mistakes and failures, instead of dwelling on what went wrong

Design Philosophy

  • Design, in the end, is about creating better things for people.
  • It’s better to learn something new than to be right.
  • User Experience should aim to both meet direct user needs and to surprise and delight users with solutions they didn’t even know they needed.
  • Design is a competitive advantage and differentiator for businesses and should drive strategic decision making across an organization.
  • Designers should not wall themselves off from the rest of the organization. Teamwork and collaboration of an entire product team makes great user experiences possible.