Feature - Navigation

RelateIQ Navigation Redesign

A simpler and more focused global navigation designed to make RelateIQ even more intuitive to use.

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Feature - Import Tool
RelateIQ Data Import Tool

A highly interactive tool designed to help both new and existing users import data into RelateIQ.

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Feature - Chrome Extension
RelateIQ Gmail Chrome Extension

A simple yet powerful way to surface the most important information about your contacts and deals straight from your Gmail inbox.

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Cross Channel

Cross Channel Digital Marketing Initiative

A credit card marketing experience spread across desktop web, mobile web, and in-person kiosk devices.

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Feature - Expense

Native Mobile Expense Tracking Application

A native iPhone and Android application that allows small business owners and employees to manage their expenses.

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Pru Book

Mobile UX Best Practices Guide

A comprehensive guide to designing mobile websites and applications for iOS and Android.

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Feature - Facebook Privacy Redesign

Facebook Privacy Improvements Strategic Concept

An exercise to redesign Facebook’s privacy settings created for Fortune Magazine.

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