Mobile UX Best Practices Guide

A comprehensive guide to designing mobile websites and applications for iOS and Android


Prudential, a Fortune 100 company, sought to embrace mobile throughout their organization and aimed to better understand best practices around mobile user experience design. This would be used across all lines of business to aid business units in their mobile initiatives.


I created a comprehensive mobile UX best practices guide, totaling 129 pages, discussing a wide range of areas that should be considered when designing mobile products. I presented the guide in sections to both senior management and internal design teams at Prudential in order to share the knowledge across the organization. This guide helped gain buy-in for a consistent mobile UX approach for all business units.


Topics included best practices for navigation, search, actions and controls, text entry and forms, content, images, video, and gestures.

The guide also discusses strategic user experience topics such as understanding the mobile context, when to develop a mobile web site vs. a native application, and how to maintain consistency across a suite of mobile sites and applications.


The guide covers detailed design patterns for both iOS and Android, and also addresses how to strategically address the complex mobile platform landscape.